PhrozenTransform, the LCD 3D Printer with the Largest Build Volume, Achieved Kickstarter Goal of $30,000 in 3 Minutes.

Phrozen Transform, the LCD SLA printer with the largestbuild volume among consumer-grade SLA printers, reached its Kickstarter fundinggoal of USD$30,000 in 3 minutes. Created by Phrozen, a team of Taiwanese 3dprinting experts, the printer can build a print taller than a 2-liter bottle ofcoke with a 40cm Z-axis and a 13.3” panel. It also offers optional dual 5.5”panels for users to print a design on two plates, cutting the printing time byhalf.

Seeing users’demand for making large prints, Ray Wu, the co-founder of Phrozen explained hismotivation of designing Phrozen “We’ve seen many great designs limited by thelow build volumes. Phrozen Transform is designed to solve this problem. We makethe quality of printed products better, more stable and stronger. We alsodevelop dual 5.5” panels for small and fine designs; users can print two platesat the same time to double the efficiency and output.”

The largest build volume among average printers

PhrozenTransform’s 40cm Z-axis is nearly twice the length of other printers in itsclass, and it comes with a large 13.3” panel (the most common size on themarket today is 8.9”), making a build volume of 29.2 x 16.5 x 40 cm3.In addition to the large volume, Phrozen Transform is efficient and accurate enoughwith a 76μm XY resolution. The Z-axis is enhanced with extra-thick aluminumalloy CNC structure and dual linear rails with ball screws (a configurationusually reserved for industrial machines costing USD$5,000) to be ultra-stableduring printing.

Switch between a 13.3” panel and dual 5.5”panels in 30 seconds

While most SLAprinters have a single-size panel, Phrozen Transform offers a default 13.3”panel and an optional dual 5.5” panel that can be easily changed in 30 seconds,thanks to its unique Fast LCD Adaptor, users can easily switch between panelsof two sizes in 30 seconds. The dual panel design is created for making finemodels such as jewelry design, raising the XY resolution to 47μm.

Parallel light emission and high-quality prints

Besides theZ-axis and the build volume, a stable light source is also crucial to thequality of printing. The Phrozen team exclusively developed the ParaLED™Optical Engine, which reduces the emission angle of the light source to beparallel and increases the efficiency of light penetration through the panel.

Technical Specification

Printer Size: 38 * 35 * 61 cm
Printer Weight: 29 Kg
Printing Volume: 29 * 16 * 40 cm
XY Resolution: 76 µm
Z Resolution: 10 µm
Printing Speed: 10 mm per hour
Recommended Layer Height: 10 - 100 µm
Power Input: 100-240 VAC; 50 / 60 HZ

Package Includes
Phrozen Transform LCD 3D Printer * 1 pc
Black Power Cable
Printing Kit (Gloves, Wiper/Scraper, Funnel)
Resin is not included. Remember to buy one for best experience.


** 1 year warranty, excluding LCD screen , FEP Release Film, LED Array Matrix. Tear down the printer without authorization will void the warranty.

*** After placing order, we will inform you by email to confirm the order.

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