Phrozen ABS-Like Resin: Matte Gray (LCD UV Curing Resin) For General Modeling And Prototyping, Applicable To 3D Printer (500g)

Application: General Dental Modeling & prototyping


feature: Fast Cure

White or Grey

Spec & Properties

XY Planar Resolution: 0.050 mm
Z Resolution (Layer Height): 30-100um
Property:  High hardness and toughness, and resolution. Its light color is suitable for post process, like painting.
Way to Rinse: Clean with alcohol spray with air gun
Suitable for: LCD 3D Printer
Application: General Dental Modeling & prototyping

Phrozen ABS – Like Resin Matte 500g- Color Matte Grey

Color: Grey
  • Safety Rules

    • Do not eat and swallow the resin. Go to hospital if necessary.
    • Wear goggles in avoid of eye contact to resin. Wash your eyes by water and go to hospital if necessary.
    • Resin might cause slight irritation to skin. Wear gloves when handling. Stop using it if allergy occurred.
    • Resin is with slight odor. We strongly suggest you to use it under ventilated condition.
    • Suggested safety equipment: gloves, mask, goggles, and lab coat.
    • Keep resin in room temperature(15 – 35 OC) and dry condition.
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