COCO Lux® is the mobile dental photography solution to support the users with mobile friendly settings for the accurate information of their dental pictures and for the immediate sharing of the result and interaction with co-working partnerships.

COCO Lux - Natural Daylight Solution for Mobile Dental Photography

  • HASS Corporation (All except the United States and Germany) / HASS BIO America, Inc. (the United States) / Human-Aid System Supplier (Germany) (hereinafter: HASS) warrants the hardware of COCOLux® to be in good working order during the warranty period. CONDITIONS - In the event that the hardware is found to be defective within the warranty period, product replacement service will be provided free of charge by the authorized dealers for COCOLux® . - The complimentary replacement service may be obtained only against the online product registration at HASS reserves the right to refuse warranty service if the information entered to the product registration is incomplete. - HASS may replace a defective COCOLux®product with new or reconditioned product of equivalent to new performance and reliability. HASS may also replace products with equivalent models where the original has been discontinued. Reconditioned parts or products will only be used if it is permissible to do so under the statutory law of a country where the warranty is applied. WARRANTY PERIOD - This warranty is valid for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase by the end user as evidenced by the above-mentioned online product registration. The end user MUST prove the date of purchase if it is subject to disputes. - Replacement product provided under the warranty is warranted on the same terms and for the remainder of the warranty period of the COCOLux® it is replacing. WARRANTY SERVICE PROVIDER - Warranty service (product replacement service) is available in the authorized COCOLux® dealers. - Any costs of secure transportation of the product to and from the COCOLux®dealer will be borne by the end user. LIMITATIONS HASS and authorized COCOLux® dealers do not warrant the following: - Defects caused by disassembly or modification that is made without HASS’s approval. - The product is NOT used in accordance with the “Instruction Manual”. - Defects of or damages to any product not manufactured by HASS, including (but not limited to) mobile phones, batteries, will not carry the benefit of the rights under this warranty unless supplied by HASS. This includes any such product which is sold by any of HASS’s agents, affiliates, authorized dealers, or distributors but that has not been supplied by HASS

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