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Milling Service

Get exceptional Fits and esthetic crowns and bridges with Elite Dental Studio Milling Services!

We design and manufacture quality restorations,

including crowns, bridges, copings, frameworks, implant abutments and more.

Elite's Zirconia crowns and bridges are fabricated using advanced design and milling technology. This guarantees a precise fit, while insuring quality and consistency every time.  With our use of this leading-edge technology, chair time is reduced and patient satisfaction increased.

Our CAD/CAM custom milling increases speed of design and manufacturing. All at a unit cost that makes these high quality restorations affordable.

We can Design your restoration or just send us your Design      File Format-  .STL File

5-axis milling and grinding Mills

Milling Solutions

  • Copings, Frameworks or Full-contour milled restorations

  • Kuraray Noritake KATANA Zirconia™

  • UTML, STML, HT and ML Zirconia Options

  • Lithium Materials

  • Milled titanium

  • PMMA

  • Milled wax

  • Zirconia, Titanium and Hybrid custom implant abutments

3D-Printing Solutions

  • Crown and Bridge Models from Digital Impressions or scans of impressions

  • Models for delivery trays, retainers, mouthgaurds

  • Printed wax patterns

Pressed Solutions

  • Ivoclar e.max™

  • Elite Lithium 

Miscellaneous Sevices

  • Margin marking and virtul model building

  • CAD software tech support

  • CAD software training

  • STL file conversion and corrections

  • Model archiving and storage

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