Log In with Carestream Scanner

  • Log into csdentalconnect.com on the workstation you want to send your scanned files from.  Use the same email and password you used to set up your CS Licensing. (The Carestream website will check to make sure that CS Connect is installed, and will prompt you to download the latest version if you need to.  Run the installer and wait for download to finish.)

  • Open the patient history window of any patient in DIS and verify that the CS Connect button is present. Select a case from the patient history and click the CS Connect button to launch the csdentalconnect.com website in the default browser.

  • Please Note That:  If using Internet Explorer, CS Connect will only work with version 10.  You will either need to change to this version or change your default browser to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Now right click on the object in CSOI and confirm that the option to Export to CS Connect is available. Select it to launch the website.

  • Please Note That:  as part of your First Connection process you will need to fill out the profile fields and save your profile information.  Any field with an asterisk (*) is mandatory.

  • Select Elite Dental Studio from the dropdown menu or use the Create a New Partner option to add Elite Dental Studio.

  • Now, if you wish, you can attach additional files or add a comment.

  • Check the box that says "I accept the terms of use and privacy policy of the service."

  • Click the submit button.

  • Case status will say "Transferring" until it is done uploading, then it will change to "Transferred" 

  • When you refresh the page you cans see the update status.  You can also view the timestamp for when the status changed by viewing the case history.  Once Elite Dental Studio has downloaded your case the status will switch to "Consulted."

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