We are located North of Atlanta in the city of Gainesville, GA 30501.

We have been serving dental professionals since 2000. Elite Dental Studio is considered among the best in the Dental Laboratory Industry.

Why Choose our Dental Laboratory ?

Because at Elite Dental Studio, we know that your first priority is the happiness and satisfaction of your patients; furthermore, we know that you are looking for the best possible quality for your dental restorations, from the smallest veneer inlay to the most extensive restorative set. Therefore, we work with strong, reliable, and trusted materials to deliver the best products that meet, and perhaps exceed specification and standard. We guarantee all our restorations are made in the U.S.A. and strive to help our dentists in providing superior dental restorations to their patients. Other laboratories outsource their work to outside the USA, and they are unable to achieve the high level of excellence that we achieve. Additionally, our highly trained dental lab technicians have over a decade of experience in dental technology. At Elite Dental Studio we know that using the best materials and the best products is important, but in the field of dentistry, precision is the most prevailing factor. Hence, we fabricate every restoration to exact specifications for superior results. Every case is fabricated using 20x Microscopes, from start to finish. Elite Dental Studio relies on cutting edge technologies for our clients to assure beautiful and long lasting smiles.

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