Connecting with 
3M True Definition

  • You can easily and securely send digital impression files to Elite Dental Studio through the 3M Connection Center.

How Does It Work?

  • Scan -

  • Scan the operative and opposing quadrant or arch and take a bite scan with patient in centric occlusion. 

  • Review and Approve

  • The system will not allow you to send a file until you review and approve your scan using its powerful

assessment tools.

  • Prescribe and Send - 

  • Enter the prescription including type of restoration, material, shade etc. "sign" prescription using your unique pin number.

  • Download STL FIle

  •  Download the STL file directly from the 3M Connection Center for import to Elite Dental Studio. 

  • Elite will Import or Upload your STL File to produce models, appliances or restorations.